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Modest Swimwear for Women

Enjoy a modest look and great comfort with SunWay's modest swimwear line. Mix & match all of our overalls, top dresses, skirts, long or short sleeve shirts, with any of our pants. All fabrics UPF50+ with high resistance to chlorine, sea salt and ultra violet rays.


Burqini Swimwear A11
$110 - $150
Modest Swimsuit M3
$110 - $150
Black Modest Swimwear A10
$35 - $ 50
Modest Burqini Swimwear M1
$110 - $150
5239 Rash Guard
$35 - $ 60
Modest Swimwear A1
$$95 and up
UV Swim Shirt 5204
$35 - $ 60
7104 Swim Shirt
$35- $ 60
Modest Swimwear A3
$35 - $ 50
Navy Swimwear A7
$35 - $ 60
Modest Swimwear A8
$35 - $ 60
Modest Burqini swimwear M2
$110 - $150
Swimwear A1
$60 - $ 69
Long Sleeves Shirt 4136
$35 - $ 60
Modest Swimwear A5
$35 - $ 60
A1 Modest Swimwear
$68 - $90
Black Modest Swimwearr
Modest swim outfit 60044
$95 and up
Swim Tops
Modest swimwear outfit 9164
$95 and up
Modest swimwear outfit 3203
$95 and up
Modest swimwear outfit 5239
$95 and up
Modest swimwear outfit 7104
$95 and up
Modest swimwear outfit 60050A
$95 and up
Modest swimwear outfit 6063A
$95 and up
UV Swimsuit 64
$95 - $110
UV Swimsuit 2141
UV Swimsuit 5239
Modest swimwear outfit A7104
Modest Swimwear A10
$40 - $ 69
Modest Swim Overall 60050
$60 - $ 69
Top Swim Gown A9
UV shirt with hood
Long Sleeves Rash Guard Shirts
Woman's UV Colorful Shirts
115 Long Swim Pants
Short Swim Pants 116
$35 - $ 40
Three Quarter Length Swim Tights
$35 - $ 40
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SunWay produces UV sun protective clothing, UV protection swimwear, UV protective sun hats and sun smart accessories.

SunWay is dedicated to promoting sun safety without compromising your lifestyle and individual fashion requirement.

Sunway’s products are environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely comfortable for outdoor activities.

SunWay’s cool, chlorine resistant fabric that is rated UPF 50+ is the ideal way to have fun and to stay safe in the sun

Enjoy recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, hiking, golfing, biking, playing tennis and gardening.

In addition, SunWay’s UV Sun Protective Outdoor Work clothes enable you to get the job done without the danger of sun exposure.

Please take the time to read ou rsun protection tips.

Purchase UV Sun Protective clothing for yourself and your family.

Together, we will raise awareness and cause actions that will save lives.

Together, we can combat skin cancer.

SunWay Sun Protective Clothing Ltd 

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Here Comes the Sunway-Safe, fashionable UV Protective Clothing for the Entire Family

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